Things You Should Know Before Safety Grill Installation

Regardless of the reason, a self-installation of the safety grille is not recommended, especially when it involves the balcony. That’s because it can be a dangerous installation that requires a prior installation setup and safety experience – which only professional installers are equipped with.

Moving forward, we discuss the process of a safety grill installation and the factors to consider before installing a safety grille.

Let’s say I am interested to install, where do I start?

Let’s say you want to install a safety grille on your balcony. The installation process will usually begin with your quest for a safety grille supplier like KLIG Safety Grille. If you have the measurements of your balcony, you can convey them to us. Also, it’d be better if you can provide your floor plan as that will allow us to arrange a free site visitation to determine the installation feasibility of your safety grille.

Next, they will provide a quotation based on the measurements obtained, which will be valid for 14 days. Once you approve the quotation, you’ll be required to deposit 40 percent of the total invoice/quotation amount prior to your installation date. After that, we will send our technicians to your house for the installation, during which they’ll be required to wear professional harness and safety equipment.

If you choose to install an invisible grille on your balcony and windows, note that it may take a longer time to complete all installation. Because this installation involves plenty of metal cables and requires precision in strapping the cables at an equal distance of 2 inches. After which, your choice of coating will be applied to each metal cable.

What are the factors to consider before safety grill installation?

If you have yet to install a safety grille for your home, the following are some factors to consider to avoid irreparable damages to your home.

1)  Materials to be used

Not all safety grilles are created equal. While iron is the most common material used to create safety grilles, stainless steel grilles are more resistant to rust and chemical corrosion. This makes them ideal for both indoor and outdoor like the balcony.

2)  Security level

Different types of safety grilles offer varying levels of security. Some suppliers provide 3 inches or 4 inches gap between the cables. The wider the gap, the less safe it’ll be for your children or pets to poke their head out the grille. Make sure to check how wide the gaps are to prevent any untoward mishap.

3)  Design option

Most safety grilles are customizable, including invisible grille. They’re typically mounted on brackets, either horizontally or vertically depending on the feasibility of installation as different balcony design/size may require specific orientation of installation (horizontal/vertical). If you want a mix of both, you can discuss with the safety grille supplier for the best design option for your home.

4)  Legal regulations

According to the Strata Management Act 2013, Section 22, Part 3, proprietors (homeowners) of every condominium or apartment are allowed to install safety grille for protection. This means you can worry less about the management/developer finding fault with you. However, do note that you can only get it installed within your house and up to your balcony. Beyond that, you’ll be breaching the act.

Once you’ve considered these factors before a safety grill installation, you can safely look for safety grille suppliers like KLIG Safety Grille to help with the safety grill installation.

Providing mainly invisible safety grill installation, KLIG Safety Grille sends our technicians to attend safety training annually so that they’re well-equipped with safety knowledge to ensure their safety while at work. We also make sure that they wear imported professional harness and safety equipment while performing the installation work.

On top of that, our product material and structure are also specially designed to meet professional safety level. For your safety grill installation, KLIG Safety Grille offers a free on-site consultation before you make your decision. Contact us at 018-2072120 or email for more information.


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