Safeguard Your Home

Safeguard Your Home

Values Creation

KLIG hold firmly on the core values provided to every of our Customer. We strongly believe everyone of us deserve a safe home to live in.

A Humble Beginning

Our company founders Karl Low created KLIG with almost nothing except for abundance of trust and opportunity given to KLIG by our customers. Now, we are company of 10 people and steadily growing to better serve our growing customers in the near future.

Why We Started

We started when we realize there is too little option for customers to choose in the market. The price was high and the providers became selective of their customers. We believe customers deserve to have more choice when it comes to buying.

Customer's Feedback

We would not want to tell you that “We are the best”, we believe action speaks much louder than words. We empower our customers to give genuine feedback to us so that we can constantly improve to provide better and more reliable safety grille for our customer.

Give More with Less​

One of our company vision is to set a benchmark for healthier and more transparent competition in the market. We continually improve our safety grille to be stronger and safer using top-notch quality and durable materials.

Life Is No Take Two

Having a safety grille in your home is much more than just the grille itself. There is no take two in life of our loves one. For every of the safety grille we install for your home, we followed strict installation method to ensure a truly safe grille for our customers.

You Know Us Better Now.

You Know Us Better Now.

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