Food Aid Distribution at Cheria Heights

On Saturday, 14th August 2021, 400 packs of instant noodles funded by KLIG were distributed to refugees at Cheria Heights, Cheras. A total of 130+ families who are struggling to put food on their tables were the beneficiaries of this aid.

Searched high and low at a few hypermarkets to make up the target quantity. #HelloWeCan

During this crucial time, not only fellow Malaysians are facing difficulties, but there are other groups of people which we might have overlooked. These refugees who have just fled and endured an arduous journey from their homeland are now among the very first group of people who suffered from the outbreak of this pandemic. Most of them lost their income due to the lockdown or were being laid off involuntarily by their employers, thus causing them unable to make ends meet and to feed their families. Even if there are low-paying vacancies or odd jobs around, others are not willing to hire them due to their status.

Mi Sedaap Jumbo was the most value for money and can MAXIMIZE the number of families that we can help.

In our conversation with Mr. Sang Bik (head teacher of MSO Learning Centre at Cheria Heights), we got to know that some of them have been surviving just by eating plain white rice with salt, without having other dishes, not even eggs or soy sauce. Therefore, they were very happy when they received the instant noodles from us, as this does not only fill their hunger, but it is also something more flavorful to them. It makes us realized just how lucky we are, that we should appreciate every single thing that we have today.

Unloading the food aid at Cheria Heights. Kudos to our KLIG team members!

We understand that every human being deserves respect, dignity and equality. It does not matter who they are, where are they from, what race are they or what color is their skin. Therefore, we choose to help this group of people and the ones we helped this time is only a small fraction of the refugee community. There are many more of them out there in our midst and we do hope that they are safe and are helped by others as well.

Thanks to Mr. Sang Bik (right) for coordinating the distribution fairly and orderly to the families.

KLIG hopes that this small act of kindness can at least alleviate their basic needs in this difficult time, but it is only temporary. We are also very happy to see that so many other Malaysians have been helping others in this pandemic by distributing food and necessities, supporting #BenderaPutih and donating money. We sincerely believe that tomorrow will be better. In the meantime, everyone please take care and stay safe!



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