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KLIG Safety Grille

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  • Top Grade Materials
  • 10 Years Warranty

Our expertise to make your home to be truly safe and secured!

KLIG Safety Grille

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Total Family Safe Guarded
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Total Safety Grille Installation

Total 7,500+ of
Family Safe Guarded and Counting!

Total 786,240 ft2 of Safety Grille Installation Done.

Product Specs

The Frame Structure Part:

-Durable and Anti-Rust Aluminum 606.

-Internal sublayer 2mm thickness for extra strength.

-Fast escape feature in the event of emergency.

Cabling Part:

-Premium 316L Stainless Steel 2mm.

Every piece of KLIG Safety Grille installation is guaranteed of 10 years limited warranty for it’s reliability and safety-ness!

We cover measurements and installations for the area around Klang Valley.

For installation for areas outside Klang Valley, you can still send in request to us as we do have collaborating partners across West Malaysia.

The Benefits of KLIG Safety Grille

Premium Materials

Highly Supervised Installation​

10 Years Warranty​

5-Star Reviews

Exceed All Expectations

“From the quick response to our enquiries and concerns, and most importantly to the quality of the grille. KLIG has exceed our expectations. Well done to the KLIG!”

John, CEO.

What Our Customers Say

5 Stars Reviews

Cable Material

We chose premium 316L Stainless Steel over conventional 304 Stainless Steel due to its higher resistance to corrosion, chemical and rust. 316L also possesses greater strength and harness to support higher cable tension.


We provide 2 choices of cable coating to greatly enhance further the life span of the 316L Stainless Steel Cable Within, namely NanoTetra coat and Nylon coat. NanoTetra coat is suitable for external environment where constantly exposed to UV ray and chemical rain.

Frame Structure

Our KLIG’s frame is specially engineered to have thicker structure at the cable holder part that make it capable to support higher cable tension for better robust structure.

Fast Escape during Emergency

KLIG uses looping method when it comes to installation. This method is highly recommended by Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia (BOMBA) specifically due to tis Fast and Easy escape feature during emergency. Carbon Monoxide from smoke is capable to kill in less than a minute in fire, much faster than the fire itself to cause death. Therefore, it is highly critical to have a system which has fast escape capability.

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