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316 Stainless Steel Cable

Our Safety Grilles are engineered using 316 stainless steel cable which is anti rust and has extra durability. It is known for it's superior strength and ability to withstand high pressure.
Compared to other Safety Grilles, our Safety Grilles can withstand pressure of up to 250KG. This is because our Safety Grilles are thicker than standard cables. We are using 2.0mm diameter cables which is 0.7mm thicker compared to the standard 1.3mm cables.

Cable Comparison - KLIG SAFETY GRILLE™
Coating Comparison - KLIG SAFETY GRILLE™
NanoTetra Coating

Just like any other safety grilles, KLIG SAFETY GRILLE provides 2 types of coating which are NanoTetra and Nylon. Nylon has a durability of 3 to 5 years under harsh or extreme environment and 6 to 8 years under protected environment. Our company always encourage customers to pick the NanoTetra coating as it has better durability that can last at least 15 years and the price is just slightly different.

Internally Reinforced Structure

Unlike other Safety Grilles, our structures are internally reinforced to provide a stronger foundation. Thus, our structures can withstand higher pressure to support higher pressure cables. It also provides extra durability due to the internally reinforced structure which is unlike other Safety Grilles that have hollow structures that are easier to be damaged.

Internal Structure Comparison - KLIG SAFETY GRILLE™
Easy Fire Escape - KLIG SAFETY GRILLE™
Easy Fire Escape

Instead of having multiple cables connected to the Safety Grilles frame, our installation method is slightly different to improve fire escape safety measure. Safety Grilles required a special equipment to cut the cables.
Thus, we used only a single cable connecting to the structure from start to end. This enable a faster cable removal process in case of emergency. Instead of having to cut multiple cables, you only have to cut once to loosen everything.

Experienced Team

We have a team of high-caliber and enthusiastic staffs with ample of experience in this industry. Throughout the years of experience we have, we can ensure you that the whole project will be done smoothly. Not only technically strong, we practice high standard of safety as well. Safety of our staffs and home owners will always be the top priority in our projects.

Experienced Team - KLIG SAFETY GRILLE™
Internal Structure Comparison - KLIG SAFETY GRILLE™
Attention to Details

We paid more than 100% attention and focus in each and every of our project regardless of the size. From the moment a project is initiated, we will contact our client consistently to ensure the whole project is on track as discussed. We made sure that no mess is left behind after every project is completed. We value our clients as much as we do. Our top-notch services gained a lot of positive feedback from our dear clients and home owners.

15 Years Warranty

We are proud and confidence with our product's quality that are always stay ahead of others. Thus, we provide a longer warranty duration to give our dear clients and home owners a peace of mind.

15 Years Warranty - KLIG SAFETY GRILLE™


What Our Clients Say?

We prioritize our customer's need and ensure our products and services delivered at the best quality. Our dedicated efforts have earned valuable trust and good feedback from our dear customers.

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