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We provide safety solution for our customers and their families.

KL Safety Grille also known as KLIG established since the early year of 2018. It was founded by Karl Low. The concept of Home and Family has always been in the roots and veins of KLIG. We believe Home is the safe haven for each and everyone of us. Where there is Home, there will be our love ones, our Family lives.

We envisioned a future Home that is not just with high living standards and well covered security from burglary. As a member of the Family, we wanted to be safe and feel safe under our own roof with our love ones. We wanted to be safe for our children when we are away for work or simply doing chores at the back kitchen.

KLIG started as one person company to provide quality and robust Safety Grille product for our customers mostly residing in KL and Selangor. We are a team of seven now. It has been growing steadily ever since to cater the growing demands and trust from the market for KLIG SAFETY GRILLE.

We do not believe just in selling. We believe in providing values to our customers. We provide safety solution for our customers and their families.

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